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Updating street atlas 2016

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Just download the driver installation first then the client side installation, do a quick restart, and poof! The other complaint I have is that their locations when searched are way off course.

I entered my own address and it put me approx 1/4 mile up the highway.

Up-to-date maps and travel information: Comprehensive street and places of interest (POI) detail for the U. GPS Features: 2-D and 3-D Nav Mode voice commands, spoken directions, automatic back-on-track re-routing with offroute distance settings, high contrast mobile map colors, and much more. I'm a semi-truck driver, and needed a good mapping program.

Compared to this program - Delorme Street Atlas USA (2014), Microsoft Streets and Trips is the better of the two.

Another advantage of the Microsoft product is the after-market work on the Points of Interest.

If you Google "The Points of Interest Mega File," you'll see what I mean. The one complaint that I have about the Microsoft product - and the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 - is that the POIs don't include Churches in the "find nearby places" list.

One that was easy to read, always up-to-date, and built to take daily use.

Amazon gave me a credit, even though their policy is to not do so.Google is not as user friendly, but for now it will have to be the tool I use.Back in 1997 we decided that the "professional" driver needed a special type of map book or street atlas.Everything you need to create, customize, print, and share detailed maps containing your own contact address locations, and much more. Import, edit, and map your vital contact manager data, or additional data from Excel or other sources.Display radius information including acreage, square miles, more.They have added a LOT of trucker-friendly (and RV-friendly) information, such as Walmarts that allow parking, Costco, Sam's Club, Cracker Barrel restaurants, Rest stops in each state, etc - things that might not have been included in the original released version. This was a surprise to me - especially considering some of the other rather obscure categories that were included.