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Robert Plant explained on "Rockline" that D'Yer is a comjunction of Do Yer.One thing women can't stand about men, especially young men is they always blab.I am furious that Sean Kingston decided to rip off the beginning of this, in his song "Me Love," which sounds awful.

I remember laughing and dancing with her while listening to this song, we didn't care how silly it may have looked to others, it didn't matter, this song has that sort of attitude. Who hasn't wrote little love letters to their girlfriends as teenagers as the lyrics suggest? If you want something serious and epic, go download some Beethoven or something, just leave my Zeppelin alone, and let others do the dancing.

Not every song has to be an "epic" Stairway to Heaven or Achilles Last Stand.

Artists have emotions and moods just like anyone else, and this song has it's own feel and attitude.

I heard someone shout from another room to stop it, and I was shot up~.

is over, and they/My Dad, shot me up with something else Who Woke Me Up, because I kept screaming, and would not stop.