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Texting is less likely to be used for long conversations on personal matters than voice calling.

While 80% of text message users make long voice calls to discuss important personal matters, just about half (51%) of texters have long, personal text message exchanges.

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Adults ages 50 and under with cell phones are more likely to use their mobile phone to make voice calls for all purposes.

Cell phone owners with lower education levels and from households with lower incomes are more likely than higher income users and those with greater levels of education to use the phone frequently to just say hello and chat and to have long personal conversations.

Cell owners of greater income or education level are more likely to use their phone to talk about work.

Nearly nine in ten cell phone users (88%) say they make voice calls just to say hello and chat with someone else, and 81% of phone owners use voice calling to report where they are or to check someone else’s location.

A similar percentage (81%) of cell phone users use voice calls to coordinate where they are physically meeting someone, though users are less likely to make calls for this purpose daily (26% coordinate meetings over voice calls daily, while 45% of cell phone users call to check in or to check someone’s location daily.) Still, cell phones are not just for quick check-ins.