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Biochar can improve water quality, reduce soil emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce nutrient leaching, reduce soil acidity, and reduce irrigation and fertilizer requirements.

Switching from slash-and-burn to slash-and-char farming techniques in Brazil can decrease both deforestation of the Amazon basin and carbon dioxide emission, as well as increase crop yields.

Alternatively, each farmer or group of farmers can operate a lower-tech kiln.

Finally, a truck equipped with a pyrolyzer can move from place to place to pyrolyze biomass.

Slash-and-burn leaves only 3% of the carbon from the organic material in the soil.

Returning the biochar into the soil rather than removing it all for energy production reduces the need for nitrogen fertilizers, thereby reducing cost and emissions from fertilizer production and transport.

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This structure is found to be very effective at retaining both water and water-soluble nutrients.

High temperature pyrolysis is also known as gasification, and produces primarily syngas, which has been used as vehicle fuel in some times and places.

Typical yields are 60% bio-oil, 20% biochar, and 20% syngas.

Additionally, the biochar produced can be applied by the currently used machinery for tilling the soil or equipment used to apply fertilizer.

Bio-oil contains organic acids that are corrosive to steel containers, has a high water vapor content that is detrimental to ignition, and, unless carefully cleaned, contains some biochar particles which can block injectors.