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The wording students use in the Internet will be different from the formal ones.Scholars like Crystal (2001) called the use of computer for communication-- computer mediated communication (CMC).As students may think that using CMC language is trendy and more fashionable, they tend to use the wording in the Internet and this writing style may affect their formal writing unconsciously.This research paper investigates how computer-mediated communication affects students' writing competence at Beijing Normal University- Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC).Language maintains social relationship between people, which is a sub-filed of linguistics called sociolinguistics.When new formats of communication appear, language patterns also change to distinguish whether people belongs to the group or not.Since the rapid development of Internet and mass media, people are more rely on using Internet and mass media to obtain information.(Flanagin and Metzger, 2000) Internet covers almost all the topic that people know that is an ocean of information.

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Teachers are encouraged to use CMC in their teaching, but the impact of CMC which is affect students' writing competence negatively, especially second language (L2) learners.CMC can be one-to-one or many-to-many communication.Consider the following figure: Figure 1 CMC features From the Figure 1, there are main types of CMC.Most importantly, students use the computer as a learning tool and entertainment in their leisure time.Teachers cannot measure the negative effect that CMC language brings.Computer equipments are essential in L2 classroom, no matter which level the students are.