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Daniel Berolzheimer had died in 1858, so the New York office was opened by his son Henry.

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ith a pair of Gucci glasses clutched in his hands, Milo Yiannopoulos sits behind the Resolute Desk—the same desk behind which President Trump and six past presidents have sat in the Oval Office—preparing for war.“My whole day, from when I wake up to when I go to bed, consists of warring with people,” he tells me.

“You see, it’s dangerous to quote me now, because you’ll be accused of botching a story,” he says.

Not one to slink off into the shadows, however, he decided to spend the next two months planning his revenge.

His secret weapon: MILO Inc., a full-scale media company that will be “dedicated to the destruction of political correctness,” according to a press release.

Nevertheless, Milo kept the ,000 advance, which he spent, he nonchalantly claims, on designer shoes. and the man who provided Milo the soapbox he needed to attain the zenith of his fame and influence—was consolidating his power in the White House, with many in the media floating the words “President Bannon” and suggesting that he was the puppetmaster manipulating Trump’s strings.

But Milo was seemingly at his nadir, abandoned by many former supporters on the right and apparently vanquished by his critics on the left.